The BBC’s Ebony magazine is one of the most successful video sites in the world, and it’s all thanks to a man named Ian.

He’s a pornographer by trade, but the company is also owned by a major UK cable operator.

This has led to a series of bizarre incidents, including a series in which an ex-employee was filmed being sexually assaulted by his boss.

Ian has been running the site since 2003, but it has also been hit by controversy in the past.

Last year, the BBC’s Newsnight programme asked him to take a leave from his job to investigate a series about a gang of paedophiles, but this didn’t go down too well with the viewers.

It’s unclear what prompted the change in attitude, but he hasn’t been shy about voicing his concerns on social media.

Here’s a collection of some of the tweets he’s sent, and the comments he’s made about them.

#abcnews #bbcsexvideo  #bbcnews  “It is a shame the show is being filmed on an open site in a residential property.

#abc #bbcssex #bbcevents — Ian Bowers (@IanBowers) April 5, 2021 “It is disgusting that these children are being used for a commercial purpose.” “

The BBC should stop filming on open site and stop filming in the home.”

#abc #bbcssex #bbcevents — Ian Bowers (@IanBowers) April 5, 2021 “It is disgusting that these children are being used for a commercial purpose.”

#bbcpolling #bbctv #bbchampagne #bbclovers  This video is the second in a series looking at the history of the BBC Sex Video Database.

#bbcrnx  It’s the same guy behind #bbcdolling, a porn site that was the subject of a BBC investigation earlier this year.

#bbchamps #bbcalendar  I’ve also got this to share with you.

#bcpollin  There are a number of other sites in this list, and there are plenty more to come.

But for now, you can watch this video of the British version of ‘Love Actually’ by the BBC.

The BBC has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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