Amateurs are making a comeback in Thailand as sex workers return to the industry to take on their work as prostitutes.

The country’s sex workers’ rights group said the sex industry was once a “dark industry” and that there was no “clear” future for it.

“I am a sex worker myself and I have always wanted to be a sex partner but in the last 10 years or so, the industry has been changed,” said Mina Thichit, a sex trafficking victim in Bangkok.

“In a country that is known for being one of the safest places in the world, we’re in danger and we have to live with that.”

A sex worker in Thailand is not a prostitute but an entertainer, she said.

“We can earn money through the sex business, but we can also earn money from other things, like the arts and music.”

Thai sex industry The Thai sex work industry was originally illegal in the 1990s, and has since been legalised.

But the sex trade has never completely disappeared, and many sex workers remain in the country illegally.

The Thai government has long sought to limit the country’s huge sex industry by cracking down on the criminal gangs and criminals involved in it, but it has been slow to implement the measures.

In the past, Thailand has also faced legal issues over its prostitution law.

In 2007, the country was the first to be charged under the new sex trafficking law, which is aimed at cracking down heavily on sex trafficking.

The law has a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine of up 10,000 baht ($12,000).

In 2010, the government also amended the law to criminalise the recruitment of minors for sex.

A law that made Thailand the only country in the region where child sex tourism is illegal.

Many sex workers are in Thailand because they need the money.

Many are desperate and are unable to pay their bills, or cannot find work.

Many of them work as maids or housekeepers for wealthy clients.

Thailand’s sex industry is not the only sector in which the country is struggling to tackle the sex tourism problem.

A number of other sectors, including food and health, are also under pressure from the government and the government has yet to implement any significant reforms.

In addition to legalising the sex work, the Thai government is also trying to reduce the number of people in the sex industries, with plans to create a national register of sex workers.

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Child Development (Mozakpai) has also launched a national sex tourism awareness campaign and the Government has announced that the government will create a commission to tackle sex tourism.

In December, the ministry announced a new law aimed at preventing the trafficking of young girls, and it has promised to improve education about sex work in schools and to provide sex workers with more training.

Thailand has a population of around 12 million, but estimates suggest that there are up to 10 million sex workers in the Thai sex trade.

“If we look at sex trafficking globally, we can’t find one country where there is a thriving sex industry,” said Thanasit Puthamuthai, a former sex worker who was arrested for the first time in Thailand.

But the reality is that there could be millions of people living in Thailand today who work as sex slaves.”

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