Posted January 07, 2019 07:21:24Sex Chat for Women in Somalia, one of the most socially distanced and least-policed countries in Africa, is a booming business.

This is not only because the girls have to wear a burqa, but because they are forbidden from talking about sex outside of their homes.

The Somalian women here are not just prostitutes but also sex workers, and they are constantly pressured into having sex with clients.

“I had sex with my husband,” a 23-year-old female sex worker told the site, referring to her husband who had been the one who was involved in her marriage.

“[He] asked me for money to do something [but] I was afraid to do it.

It was a very uncomfortable situation for me.”

She continued, “I did not feel safe talking to my husband.”

“The man was violent, but it was not about money,” the woman continued.

“It was about respect and acceptance.”

The website also reported that sex workers in Somala are paid $15,000 per day, and the women in prostitution are forced to perform oral sex for free.

Sex Chat is also a sex worker’s market in Somalis.

In the city of Barakat, a town on the border with Kenya, a sex shop has been selling women’s sex videos and other adult videos.

It is not just a sex market but also a brothel.

Men pay $200 to watch a woman’s sex video in a brothels that are frequented by Somali sex workers and girls.

A male sex worker on the other hand can earn $150 to watch an adult video.

Many Somalis have also begun taking on the role of sex workers.

“When we do a [sex] video, we can earn a lot of money,” a 25-year old sex worker explained.

Somali sex workers are not only earning money but are also receiving support.

At the end of the day, Somalis want to see their country be a better place, said one of their female sex workers who gave her real name, Fatima.

“We want our country to be safe, and we want to protect the women from rape and violence.”

In addition to being a sex trade, sex work also offers a career for the women.

“I am an artist and a social worker and I do a lot to promote women’s rights and freedom,” said Fatima, who had two babies when she married a Somalian man.

“As an artist, I have an artistic background.

As a social work worker, I work with social issues.

I am a feminist.”

Sex workers in Somalia, like in many other African countries, are often subject to violence from men who demand sex and do not want to pay the women for sex.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, a total of 8,821 sex trafficking cases were reported in Somalyas provinces between 2012 and 2016.

Last year, the country recorded an increase in the number of cases of rape and sexual assault from a total 4,914 cases in 2016.

The Somali government has said it will increase the number and severity of the attacks in order to prevent women from seeking help for rape or sexual assault.

In addition, Somalian men in bars, restaurants, and in the streets routinely demand sex from women.

The police are not as well trained as in other African nations.

Pregnant women in the city say that Somalis often rape them, and there is no law to prevent it.

Despite the challenges in their lives, many Somalis are determined to make Somalia a better country.

With the advent of social media, women have become empowered, and sex workers can also find more support and guidance on how to run their business.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of women in Somalian communities are in poverty.

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