Nepali porn actress Jana Jia has shared her top secrets for getting a Nepali massage video.

Jia, who was born in Nepal, came to the US in 2007 to pursue her acting career.

Since then, she has released numerous porn videos, and has released three more since.

Jias videos are mainly about the Nepali women in Nepal who are working in massage parlors in Nepal.

Jama shared with The Hindu how she approached the Nepalese massage parlor in New York and how she worked her way through the massage room to get the sex video.

In the videos, Jia tells the story of a massage and massage parter in New Jersey, how she got the sex, and how they both had the same problem.

She also explains how she managed to get rid of the massage parler.

Here are the three sex video tips she shared: 1.

Before entering the massage space, ask the masseuse about the age of the client.

Ask them if they know their age.

If the massage is in a private room, they will have to tell you their age in advance.


If they are under the age for you, ask them to go with you.

Make sure that they know how much they are paid and what they can expect if they have any problems.


If there is a woman waiting, take them out.

Make it clear to her that you are there to have sex.

Make her aware that if you go out without her consent, you will have her arrested.


If you have a problem with a woman, make sure she is not in a compromising position.

When she gets out of the room, she will be dressed in a bikini.

She should be wearing high heels.


If she says she has to work late, say yes.

If a woman is late, ask her to leave and wait for a friend.

When they are finished, they can meet up and have sex with you, or leave together.

If any other women are in the room or in the massage area, say “no” to them and leave.

If not, wait for them to leave.


When a woman says she is a masseuse, ask if they are a friend of yours.

If so, tell her that the masseuses job is to make sure the clients have fun and that they can do whatever they want.

If it is a massage, tell them you would like them to rub your body with a hand or a handkerchief.


If in the next room, a woman tells you that she can do it, you can ask if she wants to have a massage with you or if she can wait until you get there.

Make your choice.

If her body language changes from being friendly to aggressive, then she may want to have more than one massage.


Tell her that if she does not like the massage, she can have you arrested.


Tell the masseur you would prefer that she has more than two people in the entire room and that she should not touch her private parts.

If he is not going to let her, go to a different room.


When you go to the massage spot, ask him to let you use his hand or rub her private part.


If after a massage you are not comfortable with the massage or she says that she does want to go back to the room where she first came in, you need to ask her if she is comfortable.

If yes, ask for her to come back in the same room.

If no, go back in a different one.


When it is your turn, ask why she wanted to come in.

Tell them about the massage and how much she wants.


When the masseuser leaves, ask to go out.

You can have sex or have a talk with the woman in the bath room or if you have to go outside, she may still want to get her massage done.


If all of this is not enough, ask what kind of money you will get for the massage.

If someone does not say they want to pay, you should not pay.

Ask if they can pay her and tell her to go and have it done.


If this is too much for you and you are unhappy, go home and tell your family and friends.

Make their lives easier by giving them the massage in peace.

If anyone is interested in working for you in Nepal or Nepal sex workers, you may be able to arrange a massage for them.

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