A video featuring a young woman in her 20s is getting plenty of attention from people across the globe after it went viral online.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, features a young man posing in front of a bed as he rubs his erect penis against a young girl.

It was posted on a Facebook page called “Sex-Video-Is-Great” that has more than 3.5 million likes.

“I think it’s pretty cool, so let’s all go have a good time, it’s not like this is some kind of taboo that just happened to us,” the woman in the video said, as she rubs her own body against a man in the bed.

The young woman then explains to her boyfriend that she was inspired by a previous video she saw online of another woman masturbating on a bed, and was looking to do the same.

“And I thought it was pretty cool because I felt like a guy just would like to do that with a girl, so I thought, ‘Well, what if I do that to a girl?'” the young woman said.

The boyfriend in the next video is also in the same position, while the other woman has her hand on her vagina.

The woman in this video is known as a “friend sex” video star.

“A lot of girls get turned on by it, and I get turned off by it,” the young girl said, adding that the men in the videos are not the “big bad guys.”

“I’m just a guy, and sometimes guys get turned up by it a little bit, and then they’re not big, but they get turned down,” the video says.

The man in one video said he thought the young lady was being too sensitive, saying he was a “little too much.”

“So you’re like, ‘Oh my God, that girl is so hot,'” he said.

“I mean, I think I’m a little too sensitive with myself.”

The young girl in the second video says she thinks the boyfriend in that video is “not really my type,” adding that she “loves him a lot.”

“He is the one who is the most beautiful,” the girl said.

She also said that the young man in that third video “was a bit too mature for my taste,” and said she was offended by his comments.

“This is not a big deal.

It’s not my fault he was like this,” the teen girl said of the man.

The two men in that fourth video have since deleted the videos and apologized.

“We’re sorry for any offence caused,” they said in a statement.

The “friend-sex” video has been viewed more than 4.2 million times, and the Facebook page is still active with more than 5,500 likes.

Some women have criticized the video, and some have praised it for the way it has been edited.

“It’s not just my personal opinion, but I think this is great for women in general,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

“The girl is pretty young, and she’s still figuring out her sexuality, and her body language, and what to do with her genitals,” another woman wrote.

“Just because a guy masturbates on a girl doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, but just because a girl is masturbating to a guy doesn’t make him a bad dude,” another wrote.

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