RTE video article Smoking cigars can be enjoyed for many reasons, from relaxing to helping with sex to helping you get off and getting the job done.

Here are some tips for smoking them.


Make sure you smoke properly before going to the toilet.

If you’re planning on using a cigar to help with sex, be sure to smoke at least two cigars a day and keep them in a cool place.


Smoke a cigar with water.

If there’s water in the bowl of your cigar, you’ll want to use it to rinse the bowl.


Use the water pipe on your cigar when you’re getting started.

If it’s hot, the cigar will be more likely to burn off water from the bowl and it’ll help you get started.


Use a cigar cutter.

You’ll want a cigar cutter because it’s much easier to get the cigar to the proper angle when you smoke it. 5.

Keep your tobacco clean.

Never leave tobacco out of the bowl for too long.


Use tobacco-free water.

Never use tobacco in your toilet, sink or bathtub.

Use water that’s filtered.


Do not wash your hands with alcohol.

If your hands smell of tobacco, you’re not doing it right.


Keep the pipe clean.

If the bowl is dirty or the tobacco has left the bowl, don’t use it. 9.

Avoid rubbing tobacco onto your body.

When you rub it, it will make it easier for it to rub off on your body and get on your skin.


Keep tobacco out in a dry area.

Smoking a cigar on your toilet can make it harder to get off because the tobacco will be rubbed off and the moisture will make the bowl wetter.


Never place a cigar in the same bowl as water.

That way, the moisture on your genitals will dry out before the water dries out.


Don’t put tobacco on your nipples.

If tobacco is in your penis, you may not be able to get a good erection.


Use soap and water if you’re using a vacuum.

If water is being used, use soap and rinse it out.


Don�t use a cigar-shaped bowl for sex toys.

Use an empty one for that.


Don`t use tobacco or tobacco-like products in the shower.

If they do make it into the shower, rinse it and dry it with a damp cloth.


If possible, put tobacco-based products in your hairbrush before showering.


Do a test before starting to smoke.

Try to smoke as little as possible.

You may find that it’s more effective to smoke and then slowly move your hand back and forth.


Don\t go to the bathroom with a cigar.

That can cause your skin to dry out and you’ll be less likely to have an orgasm.


If using a tobacco-related product in the bathtub, rinse the tub with water first and then wipe it off with a cloth.


Don\’t leave a cigar around your house.

It’ll attract rats.


If drinking from a bowl of water, leave it in the tub for at least 20 minutes before using it. 22.

Don’t leave cigarettes or tobacco around the house.

They may attract rodents.


Do your own research on how to smoke cigars.

If a cigar is around your room, it can be an excellent way to enjoy a good smoke.

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