Pornhub is one of the biggest porn sites on the internet, with more than 10 million daily visitors.

It’s one of a handful of top porn sites that offer users the option to download videos of themselves getting into bed, but they’re also one of those sites that has been known to occasionally upload porn videos of other users masturbating.

We’ve all seen them.

In the case of porn videos, they’re often taken from the site’s user-generated porn videos that often feature nude women and other explicit content.

But according to a new study, many of those porn videos are also taken from porn that has not been approved by the porn industry.

The study, published in PornHub’s “Ask a Porn Producer” section of its “What Is the Most Common Form of Porn” feature, asked “Which Porn Video(s) do you have to approve?”

The porn industry is notoriously secretive about what it approves for its videos, but PornHub has always offered a list of approved videos to users.

PornHub, which operates out of Los Angeles, California, says it has about 1.3 million users, of which about 800,000 use the company’s platform to upload their own videos.

But PornHub also has a lot of questionable videos.

The company says that its “most-recently-approved videos have received over 9.3 billion views, and we have over 2 million creators, with nearly 300,000 creators approved for PornHub.”

And while the majority of those videos have been approved for inclusion in Pornhub’s “recommended videos,” there are some that have not.

The list of videos that have never been approved is short: “Sex and The City,” “Lizzie Borden,” “Babe”, “Horny Babes,” “Toys & Girls,” “Naked & Famous,” “Porn Star,” “Dylan Haggard,” “Hot Hot & Not” and “Funny Girl,” among others.

Some of those video files also have been found on sites like, but there is no way of knowing how many of them have actually been uploaded by users of Pornhub, the company said.

The PornHub survey asked people whether they’ve ever used Pornhub in the past week, whether they were a “regular user,” a “former user,” an “interim user” or an “experienced user.”

Of those who answered “intermediate user,” 70% of people said they had used PornHub in the last week.

The majority of people who answered that they were “regular users” have watched at least one video from PornHub.

Of those, 80% said they’d watched at most one of its videos.

Of people who said they were an “advance user,” just 27% had watched one of PornHubs videos.

Those numbers were even more discouraging: just 16% of users who said “advanced user” were regular users.

The rest of the survey respondents were regular “adults,” who typically have about five or more video views a month.

“The vast majority of the adult content on PornHub is from adult films,” PornHub said in a statement.

“We don’t know how many adult videos are on PornHQ, but it is known that many of our videos have a lot more nudity than the videos that are actually on Porn Hub.”

Pornhub said that its users have access to “more than one million hours of content on the site,” including more than 5 million videos, videos that were not approved for approval by the adult video industry, and more than 700,000 videos that the company says are not in its approved category.

The vast majority (70%) of people surveyed said that they “never” use PornHub to access the content they’ve watched.

About 6 in 10 said they have used PornHQ to “access” content, but that only about 4 in 10 users have ever actually watched or downloaded the content that they’ve seen.

That’s because only about 1 in 3 users have actually watched the content, and the vast majority have never used the platform.

“A significant portion of the users who have never viewed content are still actively using Pornhub to access content they haven’t seen,” Pornhub wrote.

The survey also asked people if they have ever heard about an “adult film” that they think is “not approved for distribution” by the video industry.

About half of people (49%) said that “yes,” and 45% said “maybe.”

About 5 in 10 (50%) people who never heard about the “adult movie” they think was “not certified” said that the content was “approved” by “adult industry” experts.

And about 2 in 3 people who have heard of the content said that it was “certified” by someone they knew.

In general, about 1-in-4 (24%) people said that someone they know who works

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