Posted March 24, 2018 07:01:03Some of the leaked sex tapes from the porn industry are getting a bit of a makeover thanks to a new brand of feminist porn called aloha.

The company says its “aloha” video series, which includes over 100 hours of content, is “an open, honest look at the lives of women and their sex lives.”

In addition to showing women in all their sexy, sexy outfits, the videos also feature “researchers, activists, and activists speaking on their experiences in the field,” according to a press release.

The videos will be available for download on aloha’s website for $4.99 per hour and will include clips from both mainstream porn and the videos that aloha has created.

The video series is a response to the rise of pornography, which often focuses on women and is generally more graphic.

Aloha is also launching a porn-free service for women, which will include videos of the content in the “safe spaces” that women can access when they’re in trouble.

Alohas videos are available for $1.99 an hour, while the service will cost $3.99 for the full length.

There’s also a short movie available, which is a video that focuses on a woman “wearing a bikini and getting fucked,” the company’s press release says.

Alahuas content includes videos of “pornstars, pornstars in bondage, and hardcore porn stars,” and also features clips from other women, such as a “babe” from Canada, a “pissed-off” Japanese girl, and a “queen” from Mexico.

Alopex also has a short film called “Sexiest Girl Alive,” which is also available for free on the site.

The aloha site says the series is aimed at “everyone from porn addicts and sex tourists to moms and kids and anyone who wants to find their sexiest girl alive,” according the press release, which also highlights that the content is “100% real, unedited, and not fake.”

Aloha’s content also includes “free sex toys and sex toys in the shape of a pussy and ass,” which are included in the site’s store.

It’s also available to download from the company through, which lets users sign up to receive “free content from aloha,” according a press description.

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