RTE 1 Teen sex videos, a video featuring teenage girls who were allegedly raped by a trans man and forced to perform sex acts for money, was released on Tuesday.

The 16-minute sex video is titled ‘Teen Sex Videos’.

The video was made by the ‘Teensex’ website, which has been running since January.

The website’s director, Sam Boulton, said the video was not a transphobic attack, but was meant to expose the reality of the transphobia and discrimination faced by the trans community.

He said the film was made to highlight transphobes in the LGBT community, and to raise awareness about transphobe behaviour.’

This is about raising awareness and making sure that we don’t see transphoophobia in our community, so we don: ‘It’s about educating people about what it is like to live as a trans person in a world that we are all part of, and that we live in a society where there are people who are very homophobic and transphophobic, and there are other people who hate us for who we are,’ he said.

The video, which was made in July this year, shows girls in the video having sex with the trans man who is identified only as ‘Tom’.

In the video, the man, who has been identified as a transgender man by RTE, is seen dancing to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner and having sex on camera.

He is also seen holding the girl’s hand, as she talks about how she loves to dance, but that her body is not what she wants.

In the end, Tom kisses the girl on the lips, and tells her that she will never be what she thought she was, before putting his hands on her chest and telling her to ‘stop’.

The 17-year-old who was filmed on the video says she does not regret having sex, but believes her sexuality is ‘not the norm’ in the gay and lesbian community.

She says that the video shows transphophobia is still a real problem.’

I don’t think it’s acceptable to go out and perform sex, and people are still saying that it’s OK for trans people to do it,’ she said.’

If we were just a normal person, we wouldn’t be doing it, and I’m not going to accept that it is OK for us to be doing what we’re doing.’

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