Now Playing: Woman’s first porn star: ‘I’ve been on a porn diet for the last four years’ Now Playing ‘I’m not ashamed’: Former NBA player explains why he’s gay Now Playing Trump: Trump won’t resign over Russia probe Now Playing A ‘beautiful woman’ in India gives birth to baby girl Now Playing The hottest new celeb in India Now Playing Why Trump won’s a good thing Now Playing President Trump’s son speaks out on fatherhood Now Playing Is it possible that the #MeToo movement is ‘tipping points’ for sexual misconduct?

Now Playing Are you a part of the ‘MeToo’ movement?

Now Play What happens when you take your daughter to a strip club?

Now Being able to watch porn in your own home means that your wife can have sex with you, too.

So what’s the difference between watching porn in the bedroom and watching porn at home?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Now Playing Women at the center of the #METoo movement, what’s their story?

Now Adding to the #meToo movement: New research suggests the porn industry is a powerful force that’s pushing women toward sexual promiscuity Now Playing What it’s like to live with autism and how to raise your kids with autism Now Playing Here’s the best way to make your children more socially engaged Now Playing Donald Trump will not resign as president, he said in a tweet.

Now WATCH: A new study shows how #MeTo makes people more engaged with their friends Now Playing Who is ‘Ruthless’ and why did she get fired?

Now Using social media to expose child abuse is a great way to get your story out Now Playing An American hero is missing in action for six years Now Playing People are taking to social media in a bid to find his remains Now Playing This man and his dog survived a wildfire, but the search has turned into a hunt Now Playing Ivanka Trump will be ‘a leader in women empowerment,’ her husband says Now Playing Former NBA star and current ESPN contributor Adam Morrison talks about how he overcame his addiction to alcohol Now Playing How #MeThought helped him become a better man Now Playing If you’re wondering what a porn star looks like, here’s a video Now Playing Teen who’s had sex with five men on her wedding day says ‘I didn’t do it for the money’ Now Getting ready for a new day: Ivanka Trump is heading to the White House with her husband President Donald Trump.

She’s set to deliver a speech at the inauguration ceremony, but her husband’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has tweeted that she’s headed to the West Wing.

Here are some of her tweets: “We are a proud family and I am so proud of my daughter Ivanka.

She is an amazing, strong and amazing person who is making history with her father.

We are blessed to have a strong, loving family and we are excited to welcome Ivanka into the White Houses new life.

She has an amazing voice and she is going to be a leader in the women empowerment movement.”

“I am so excited for Ivanka and her future!

I am proud to be working with her on our new venture, the Ivanka Trump Foundation, and am honored to be part of her incredible journey.”

“Ivanka and I are thrilled to be partnering on the Ivanka and Mark Greenstein Leadership Fund, a joint effort between the Trump Foundation and the Trump Organization.

Together we are creating a new opportunity for women to impact the lives of millions of people across the world.”

“Our new effort, Ivanka and President Greenstein, will give millions of girls and women access to safe and caring healthcare.

We have the resources and commitment to expand this program, which will create millions of jobs, strengthen our economy, and help more girls reach their full potential.”

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to build on the Trump family’s legacy of bringing hope, opportunity and opportunity for girls and young women.

We’re taking this moment to give the young women of America access to the same opportunities that they have enjoyed with the Trump administration.”

Now Playing “The #MeForums are the perfect platform to inspire girls across the globe,” Ivanka Trump tweeted.

“We’re excited to join our father and our daughter in the White houses new leadership and support network.”

“It is an honor to serve as the next first lady of the United States.

I know that we can build a strong foundation for our children, families, and communities to achieve more together.”

“The world is so much bigger than us and the #FirstWomen is the best place for us to be as women to be inspired and empowered to be better.

I look forward to leading our nation through this new journey together,” Ivanka said in the tweet.

“Our children are so special to us, and this is just the beginning of our journey together.

We will have a beautiful, strong, beautiful family for our daughters and for generations to come.”

“For the past few months, we’ve had a lot of support from the President and

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